Shawn Starbuck Double Western 6: Lawman for Slaughter Valley / The Guns of Stingaree【電子書籍】[ Ray Hogan ]

<p>Lawman for Slaughter Valley:<br /> Starbuck wondered if young Bishop really had the guts to last. Opposed by an evil rancher and his ruthless henchmen, a corrupt mayor and a townful of roughneck cowboys, he didn't have much of a chance. How could Starbuck help and still let Bishop prove himself a man, both to the skeptical settlement and his attractive young wife? But when Max Eagle, feared gunslinger, came to town seeking vengeance for the death of his brother, the man Bishop shot down in defense of his honor, Starbuck could wait no longer. For his decision might determine who would live and who would die!</p> <p>The Guns of Stingaree:<br /> The whole valley feared King Mallory and his savage land raids. Mallory owned Stingaree and most of the Gila Valley except for Arrowhead Ranch ? land that he was determined to seize. Mallory offered Shawn Starbuck the job of heading his band of raiders. Though Starbuck refused, he still found himself involved in bloody night rides, a lynching, and murder. How could Starbuck stop the spreading violence? How could he right the savage wrongs that Mallory had committed … especially when young Jack Mallory seemed determined to continue the evil ways of his father? And what of Jack’s pretty sister, Christine? Would she really find love in the arms of young puncher Emmett Stark, who was seemingly on the wrong side?</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。


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